Indulge in a timeless treat with our classic juice menu, explore delightful flavours one sip at a time.



Supercharge your drink with our power pack menu. Elevate your vitality, live life to the fullest, live la vida!



Discover a delightful fusion of health, well being and most importantly flavour with our tasty smoothie selections.



Full transparency for the health-conscious individuals who seek a peek under the hood.


Live La Vida!

We believe that life doesn’t have to be BORING or BLAND while making HEALTHY choices. A healthy JUICE or SMOOTHIE can be a DELICIOUS and LIFE-GIVING treat and we are dedicated to sharing that message with our community and beyond.


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Hear from the pillars of our community, industry leaders, sports players and nutritionists who stand by and love Vida Juice!

As an Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist (APD) I was excited to work with the team behind Vida Juice to assist them with their menu and concept. I firmly believe Vida Juice will be a breath of fresh air in the beverage industry and I look forward to seeing it expand.

    Bronte Vallance


    As someone who has competed on the world stage and now races against the clock and elements, I can confidently say that Vida Juice is the real deal. Transparency goes a long way, especially when it comes to the calorie count. Thanks for always being in my corner!

      Michael Pengue

      Former WBC Australasian Champion

      As a WBFF PRO Fitness Model, it's crucial for me to fuel my body with the very best! Vida Juice helps me recover post-workout or even just kickstart a busy day. The best part about their natural smoothie menu isn't the fact that it's actually healthy, but that it tastes good!

        Tracey Defferrard

        WBFF PRO

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